Paper: Modeling Syntactic Constraints On Anaphoric Binding

ACL ID C90-2013
Title Modeling Syntactic Constraints On Anaphoric Binding
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

Syntactic constraints on antecedent-anaphor re- lations can be stated within the theory of Lexical Functional Grammar (henceforth LFG) through the use of functional uncertainty (Kaplan and Maxwell 1988; Halvorsen and Kaplan 1988; Ks- plan and Zaenen 1989). In the following, we summarize the general characteristics of syn- tactic constraints on anaphoric binding. Next, we describe a variation of functional uncer- tainty called inside-out functional uncertainty and show how it can be used to model ana- phoric binding. Finally, we discuss some bind- ing constraints claimed to hold in natural lan- guage to exemplify the mechanism. We limit our attention throughout to coreference possibilities between definite antecedents and anaphoric el- ements and ignore interactions with quantifiers. We als...