Paper: Enjoy The Paper: Lexical Semantics Via Lexicology

ACL ID C90-2008
Title Enjoy The Paper: Lexical Semantics Via Lexicology
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

Current research being undertaken at both Cambridge and IBM is aimed at the construction of substantial lexicons containing lexical semantic information capable of use in automated natural language processing (NLP) applications. This work extends previous research on the semi-automatic extraction of lexical information from machine-readable versions of conventional dictionaries (MRDs) (see e.g. the papers and references in Boguraev & Briseoe, 1989; Walker et al. , 1988). The motivation for this and previous research using MRDs is that entirely marina1 development of lexicons for practical NLP applications ks infeasible, given the labour-intensive nature of lexicography (e.g. Atkins, 1988) and the resources likely to he allocated to NLP in the foreseeable future. In tiffs paper, we motivat...