Paper: A Grammar Combining Phrase Structure And Field Structure

ACL ID C90-2001
Title A Grammar Combining Phrase Structure And Field Structure
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

A graanmar tbrmalism, Field and Category Gram-. mar (FCG), is described, which beside constituent structure and functional structure recognizes a level of field structure. It is argued that the formalism offers descriptive and computational advantages for the analysis of Scandinavian and other languages that distinguish clause types topologically. It is also argued that the clear distinction between fields and constituents makes FCGs theoretically sounder than other proposed field grammars. A comparison is made of the word order rules and assumptions of FCGs with the partial orderip, gs employed by G PSG and other models. 1 Motivations for field struc- ture Descriptive grammatical works on Germanic lan- guages often refer to notions such as field and.schema, some early, major works being [...