Paper: Semiautomatic Interactive Muitilingual Style Analysis (SIMSA)

ACL ID C90-1018
Title Semiautomatic Interactive Muitilingual Style Analysis (SIMSA)
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

A style checker is a tool which supports authors during the process of writing: Certain style markers are analyzed, their values are compared with a given norm, deviations are detected, and recommendations are given to the author. The power of a style checker depends on available tools such as lexica, parser, etc. This paper describes a style checker which will be integrated m a workbench (Translator's Workbench) and which has access to lexica and parser. The style checker can be used for different languages and for different kinds of text. defined with the help of these values: A stylistic norm fl~r technical texts, for user manuals, for a certain author, etc. With respect to these premises we now define style checking as: matching the densities of the features in a given text against the...