Paper: Advice-Giving Dialogue An Integrated System

ACL ID C90-1006
Title Advice-Giving Dialogue An Integrated System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1990

In this paper we present the implementation of an advice-giving system for financial investment for the final phase of the project ESTEAM-3 161. This sys- tem integrates multiple agents in a single architec- ture allowing cooperation between a natural lan- guage dialoguer, "~ltelligent" data base access mod- ules, and a problem solver in the financial domain. Using a user model, this system adapts the mixed ini- tiative dialogue during both the formulation of the problem and its resolution by the expert. A novice user thus has access to expert knowledge despite the weakness of his own knowledge. 1 The Demonstrator In its final phase, the project was oriented towards the development of a demonstration prototype, in- corporating various ESTEAM-3 16 research results and showing the feasibilit...