Paper: Language Learning As Problem Solving

ACL ID C88-2164
Title Language Learning As Problem Solving
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

We present here a system under development, the present goals of which are to assist (a) students in inductively learning a set of rules to generate sentences in French, and (b) psychologists in gathering data on natural language learning. Instead of claimin~ an all-encompassing model or theory, we prefer to elaborate a tool, which is general and flexible enough to permit the testing of various theories. By controlling parameters such as initml knowledge, the nature and order of the data, we can empirically determine how each parameter affects the efficiency of learning. Our ultimate goal is the modelling of human learning by machine. Learning is viewed as problem-solving, i.e. as the creation and reduction of a search-space, t~y integrating the student into the process, that is, by encou...