Paper: Universal Quantification In Machine Translation

ACL ID C88-2161
Title Universal Quantification In Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

This approach has been developed in the context of the EUROTRA machine translation (MT) project and thus has been designed with respect to a syntax based stratificational translation process? We assume that in a semantic representation determiners are deleted and that their semantic function which is represented by semantic features is percolated into the mothernode. The semantic functions of determiners are explicated. The interaction between grammatical and lexical quantifieatiun is outlined. Ensemble theory is applied to the "count"/"mass" noun distinction. Transfer of quantification between German, English, and French is illustrated with respect to the "count"/"mass" distinction. The article closes with an outlook on [he relevance of generalized quantifiers for Machine Translation. 1. ...