Paper: Collocational Analysis In Japanese Text Input

ACL ID C88-2157
Title Collocational Analysis In Japanese Text Input
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

This paper proposes a new disambiguation method for Japanese text input. This method evaluates candidate sen- tences by measuring the number of Word Co-occurrence Pat- terns (WCP) included in the candidate sentences. An au- tomatic WCP extraction method is also developed. An ex- traction experiment using the example sentences from dic- tionaries confirms that WCP can be collected automaticMly with an accuracy of 98.7% using syntactic analysis and some heuristic rules to eliminate erroneous extraction. Using this method, about 305,000 sets of WCP are collected. A co- occurrence pattern matrix with semantic categories is built based on these WCP. Using this matrix, the mean number of candidate sentences in Kana.-to-Kanji translation is reduced to about 1/10 of those fi-om existing morphologi...