Paper: Machine Translation For Monolinguals

ACL ID C88-2155
Title Machine Translation For Monolinguals
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

We describe sister machine translation prototypes, Ntran, an English to Japanese system developed at UMIST, and Aidtrans, Japanese to English, at Sheffield, both designed for use by an English monolingual. Aidtraus uses extensive and sophisticated collocational analysis radically to reduce the need for conventional post-editing. Ntran offers interactive query at three stages: on-line dictionary update, syntactic disambiguation, and Japanese lexical selection. The second of these is described and illustrated in particular detail, and the underlying philosophy of monolingual interaction discussed. 1. Background Under the Alvey Directorate's research programme in natural language processing, an English-Japanese machine translation project was carried out at the Centre for Computational Lingui...