Paper: DLT - An Industrial R&D Project For Multilingual MT

ACL ID C88-2154
Title DLT - An Industrial R&D Project For Multilingual MT
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

This project is aimed at a new, multilingual MT system in the 1990s, which uses Esperanto as an internal interlingua. The system's,architectural features, current progress and project organization are dealt with. 1. Introduction DLT (Distributed Language Translation). is the name of a principle, a design philosophy and a project. Within the area of MT, it represents another approach for steering between the hazards of low-quality output, endless prolongation of research and development time, restriction to narrowlybounded subject fields, the geometric cost expansion when a new language is added, etc. DLT is a concentrated high-tech effort to attain a product line of language translation modules in the 1990s. Together, these modules will constitute an interactive, knowledge-based, multiling...