Paper: Topic/Focus Articulation And Intensional Logic

ACL ID C88-2148
Title Topic/Focus Articulation And Intensional Logic
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

A semantic analysis of topic and focus as two parts of tectogrammstical representation by means of transpa- rent intenslonal logic (TIL) is presented. It is poin- ted out that two sentences (more precisely, their teotogrameatlcal representations} differing Just in the topic~focus articulation (TFA) denote different propositions, i.e. that TFA has an effect upon the semantic content of the sentence. An informal short description of an algorithm handling the TFA in the translation o~ teotogramsstlcal representations into the constructions of TIL is added. The TFA algorithm divides a representation into two parts corresponding to the topic and focus; every part is analyzed (translated) in isolation and then the resulting cons- truction is put together. The TIL construction d~sous- sad here re...