Paper: Morphosyntactic Correction In Natural Language Interfaces

ACL ID C88-2146
Title Morphosyntactic Correction In Natural Language Interfaces
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

Morphosyntax cannot be simply ignored in natural- language man-machine dialogue since it constitutes an important part of the meaning. Nevertheless, troublesome side effects can arise when morphosyntactic errors are combined with other types of errors. We describe here an efficient means of handling quite complex combinations of typographical, phonographic and agreement errors in French, which are typical of C.A.I. users : a sentence as erroneous as les cott6 adgassan ~ I'ippeauttainuz son perpndiqul~re ()! will be perfectly recognized and translated into les c6t~s adjacents ~ I'hypot6nuse sont perpen- diculaires (the legs adjacent to the hypotenuse are perpen- dicular). 'slips of the pen'), whereas competence errors reflect ignorance about language rules or misconceptions about the domain...