Paper: Generating Multimodal Output- Conditions Advantages And Problems

ACL ID C88-2122
Title Generating Multimodal Output- Conditions Advantages And Problems
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

In natural communication situations, multimodal referent specification is frequent and efficient. The linguistic component are deictic expressions, e.g. 'this' and 'here'. Extralinguistic devices in dialogs are different body movements, mainly pointing gestures. Their functional equivalent in texts are means like arrows and indices. This paper has two intentions. First, it discusses the advantages of multimodal reference in interhuman communication which motivate the integration of extralinguistic "pointing" devices into NL dialog systems. The generation of multimodal output poses specific problems, which have no counterpart in the analysis of multimodal input. The second part presents the strategy for generating multimodal output which has been developed within the framework of the XTRA s...