Paper: On The Semantic Interpretation Of Nominals

ACL ID C88-2110
Title On The Semantic Interpretation Of Nominals
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

In this paper wc examine a subset of polyscmous elements, the logical structure of nominals, and argue that maw cases of polysemy have well-defined calculi, which interact with the grmnmar in predictable and determinate ways for disambiguation. These calculi constitute part of the lexicai organization of the grammar and contribute to the lexical semantics of a word. The lexieal system of the grammar is distinct from the conceptual representation associated with a lcxieal item, where polysemy is less constrained by grarmnar. We propose a structured' semantic representa- tion, the Lexical Conceptual Paradigm (LCP) which groups nouns into paradigmatic classes exhibiting like behavior.