Paper: Hinting By Paraphrasing In An Instruction System

ACL ID C88-2107
Title Hinting By Paraphrasing In An Instruction System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

It is a rather difficult thing to make the "right" compromise between the simplification needed in such tasks and a nioe verbal phrasing of the problems. We shall continue the work on the reEinemant of the sgstam and on developing an explanation Facilitg. REFERENCES Kaplao S. , Cooperative Responses ~rom a Portable Natural Language Data Bass Ouery, Ph.D. Dissertation, University oE Pennsylvania, IS7S. Mann W. , "~iscours~ structures For text generation", COLING8~, Stanford, 18B½. HcKeown I~. , "Paraphrasing questions using given and new in~ormatlon", RJCL, 9, 1, I~B3. McKeoun K. , Text Generation: Using Discourse Strategies end Focus Constraints to Generate Natural LanNuage Text, Cambridge Universitg Press, 1585. Pulman S. , "Limited domain ewstems for language tee=hing", In: COLINBBM, St...