Paper: Syntactic Functions In GPSG

ACL ID C88-2104
Title Syntactic Functions In GPSG
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988
  • Karel Oliva (Charles University, Prague Czech Republic)

: This paper motivates and T~roposes a~J(]irl~ ~ new feature of s sj,'ntactio function to the feature system of CPSG. Later, it shows its necessity in number of synt~ctic con- structs, such as passivization, extraposi- -[;Jon, coordination etc. But ~ddlng such fea~ ture is not understood as a mere technicali- t.~, an~ thus some implications for the expla- n~vtor)< power of the theory are also discus- se(! o 1. Remarks on the Notation of PP T}~e notion of Prepositional Phrase has a fJ. rm and long standing tradition in the An~ /:J o-.laxor, linguistic framework, including r~P[~C~. The classical Continental tradition, on the other h~ind, does not use this term for ]~nf