Paper: Solving Some Persistent Presupposition Problems

ACL ID C88-2086
Title Solving Some Persistent Presupposition Problems
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

/S0aanes 1979/provides some counterexamples to the theory of nat- ural language presuppositions that is presented in /Gazdar 1979/. /Soames 1982/ provides a theory which explains these eounterex- amples. /Mercer 1987/ rejects the solution found in/Soames 1982/ leaving these eounterexamples unexplained. By reappraising these in- sightful counterexamples, the inferential theory for natural language presuppositions described in/Mercer 1987, 1988/gives a simple and straightforward explanation for the presupposiitional nature of these sentences.