Paper: Inheritance In Hierarchical Relational Structures

ACL ID C88-1078
Title Inheritance In Hierarchical Relational Structures
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

A brief survey is conducted of the inheritance principle - the conveyance of properties between components within a hierarch- ical relational structure. The standard form of inheritance is con- sidered, using the subset (is-a) relation and highlighted as an example of downward inheritance. Downward inheritance is extended to specialisation of actions, and cases are presented in which the rule fails. sider them on tile same plane of generality and abstractness as the standard hierarchical inheritance rules. Upward inheritance, on the other hand, is formally on the same plane as the more common downward form. Our analysis shows that the explana- tion for this powerful tool resides in one semantical aspect of a large class of very common relations. 2. Downward inheritance An alternative and l...