Paper: Interpretation Of Noun Phrases In Intensional Contexts

ACL ID C88-1077
Title Interpretation Of Noun Phrases In Intensional Contexts
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

This paper presents a network formalism for representing the meaning of noun phrases occurring in the context of intensional verbs such as seek and want. The basic assumption is that an intermediate representation is useful to carry out the interpretation process perspi- cuously. The proposed representation keeps apart de-re (transparent) and de-dicto readings, stating, by means of suitable arcs and nodes, that in the first case there is a real counterpart of the described entity, whereas in the second case no such counterpart exists. Moreover, tbe concept of relevance of the description is emphasized and the rela- tionships between intensional contexts and the dicotomy existing between value-free and value-loaded readings of definite descriptions is discussed. Finally, t!ae impact of the ...