Paper: SAGE - A Sentence Parsing And Generation System

ACL ID C88-1074
Title SAGE - A Sentence Parsing And Generation System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

: SAG~ (Sentence Analysis and GEneration system) is an operational parsing and generating system. It is used as a Natural Language Frontend for Esprit project Eeteam-316, whose purpose is to advise a novice user through a cooperative dialogue. The aim of our system is to validate the use of a Lexice)n-Grammar (drawn from the LADL studies) ior sentence-parsing and generation, and to imple~ ~aent )~nguistic knowledge in a declarative way u~- ing a formMism based upon Functional Descrip- tions (FD). We have ales devvloped the parser and the g~ueratio~ module so that they share informa~ tion~ and knowledge bases as much as possible: they work on the same semazLtic dictionary and the same linguistic knowledge bases, except th~ they kave their own graznmar. We have also ires p|emented a tracking...