Paper: Instatiations And (Obligatory Vs. Optional) Actants

ACL ID C88-1073
Title Instatiations And (Obligatory Vs. Optional) Actants
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988
  • Jurgen Kunze (Academy of Sciences of the DDR, Berlin Germany)

A formalism for ~he representation of "semantic emphases" is introduced, using principal and accessory instantiatiQns. It m~es it possible to convert predicate ex- pressions inbo network-like structures. As an application criteria for ooligatory and optional actants are dealt with. I. The formal framework - A set X of objects, denoted by x, y, Zo - A set E of events, states, actions,... , denoted by el, e2, .... - A set L of places, denoted by 11, 12, .... - A set T of intervals (span~or moments) on the time axis, denoted by tl, t2, .... - A se~ of functions f1' f2' ..o, which are mappings between the sets X, E, L and T. - A se~ of relaUions in E, L and T as e. g. e I ~e 2 (e I is a partial event, ... of e2J 11 ~ 12, t I ~ t2, t I starts t2, t I finishes t 2 etco (Allen (1984); Bier- winc...