Paper: Traditional Means In Machine Translation

ACL ID C88-1067
Title Traditional Means In Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988
  • Zdenek Kirschner (Research Institute of Mathematical Machines, Prague Czechoslovakia)

The chronic problems of machine trans- lation cannot be solved in a fully automa- tic way. Human intervention is inevitable. The development of "traditional" means in connexion with advances of computer techno- logy represent most substantial contribution to further progress in the field of machine translation. Some of the problems are illus- trated using the example of the APAC32 pro- Ject. I. The hopes for a successful solution of the chronic problems of machine transla- tion (MT) have long been set on two fruitful and mutually dependent pros- pects: research in artificial intelli- gence (AI) and advances in the computing technology. The importance of the latter contribution is beyond dispute. As re- gards the former domain, some reserva- tions must be voiced. 1.1~ It can be stated with...