Paper: Parsing With Category Coocurrence Restrictions

ACL ID C88-1066
Title Parsing With Category Coocurrence Restrictions
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

This paper summarizes the formalism of Category Cooccurrence Restrictions (CCRs) and describes two par- sing algorithms that interpret it. CCRs are Boolean condi- tions on the cooccurrence of categories in local trees which allow the statement of generalizations which cannot be captured in other current syntax formalisms. The use of CCRs leads to syntactic descriptions formulated entirely with restrictive statements. The paper shows how conven- tional algorithms for the analysis of context free languages can be adapted to the CCR formalism. Special attention is given to the part of the parser that checks the fulfillment of logical well-formedness conditions on trees. 1. The CCR formalism The CCR formalism, introduced in Kilbury (1986, 1987), has its origin in Generalized Phrase Structure G...