Paper: VOCNETS - A Tool For Handling Finite Vocabularies

ACL ID C88-1062
Title VOCNETS - A Tool For Handling Finite Vocabularies
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988
  • Hans Karlgren (KVAL Research Institute for Information Science, Stockholm Sweden)
  • Jurgen Kunze (Academy of Sciences of the DDR, Berlin Germany)

A method is proposed for storing a finite vocabulary in a manner which makes it convenient to recognize words and substrings of words. The representation, which can be generated automatically from a list of words or from given representations of other sets by means of which the vocabulary has been defined through set or string operations, has the form of a modified finite-state grammar, a form eliminating the multiplicative effects of conjunction, complementation, etc. , on the node sets of conventional finite-state representations. 0. Background Traditionally, linguists describe sent- ences, and inflected and derived word forms by means of rules, whereas vocabularies are accounted for by enumeration. But even for the purpose of specifying a given lexicon or the vocabulary of a given piece...