Paper: Constituent Coordination In Lexical-Functional Grammar

ACL ID C88-1061
Title Constituent Coordination In Lexical-Functional Grammar
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

f-structure (see/Kaplan & Bresnan i982/ and /Kaplan 1987/ lbr details). This means that the properties of the f-structure can be specified in terms of the mother-daughter and precedence relations in the c-structure, even though the f-structure is formally not at all a tree-like structure. Now let us consider a simple example of coordination wherein two sentences are conjoined together (7). A plausible c-structure for this sentence is given in (8), and we propose (9) to represent the fnnctional properties of this sentence. (7) John bought apples and John ate apples. (8) (9) S S CONJ S NP VP and NP VP 1 1 A N V NP N V NP I 1 1 I I I John bought N John ate N I I apples apples II)R ED 'BUY<[JOHN], [AppLE]> ; TENSE PAST pREP ~JOHNq SUBJ LNUM SG ] pRED 'APPLE] OBJ LNUM PL PRED 'EAT<[JOHN],[APPLE...