Paper: Coordination In Reconnaissance-Attack Parsing

ACL ID C88-1058
Title Coordination In Reconnaissance-Attack Parsing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

A proposal for recognizing coordinate structures using the 're- connaissance-attack' model is presented. The approach concen- trates on di;tinguishhlg predicate coordination from other types of coordination and suggests that low-level stmctnral cues (such as the number of predicates, coordinators, and subordinators occurring in the input string) can be exploited at little cost during the early phase of the parse, with dramatic results. The method is tested on a text of 16,000 words. 0. Introduclion Coordinate structures are difficult to parse in part because of the problem ol determining, in a given case, what kinds of con- stituents are being coordinated. The examples in (1) will illus- trate: (1) a. John hits Fred and the other guys. b. John hits Fred and the other guys attack him. c. Wh...