Paper: Locally Governed Trees And Dependency Parsing

ACL ID C88-1056
Title Locally Governed Trees And Dependency Parsing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

umchine and its supporting softwa~:e to*. the building of local ly goqerned t~:ees is intr_(~iuced. The rest of the paper dis~:usse,q [.ew uuaM]iguous~ ~<-'].]-for,~d local]y governed i:~:ees can be parsed ill l.i[~ea~: tia~ ~{~en cxertain ~'tructural ~x~nstr~int's a~e in fuzce o 'i~le phrase st~.ucture 1.ttle is a widely used primitive m)tation in literature when synt~Ictic structures of ~euteuces d~°e discussed in a rJ.gorous ~f~nner o A n~ajority o;5 syntactic ~; pr~jratt~ also utilize phrase st~.0cture rules in one vary or another° Phrase: structure rules reflect the i~Kl-diate {79nstihuent analysis of sentences° Fach :1lle names a ~x)nstituent 6rod its specified ordered e].~-[~nts on the lower levc].o ~ts primitive,~]ations are {~erefo~'e part.~of-a--.~ho]e and ooncatenatio...