Paper: Crossing Coreference In Discourse Representation Theory

ACL ID C88-1050
Title Crossing Coreference In Discourse Representation Theory
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

Sentences a, ith crossing coreference (Bach-Peters-sentences) are notoriously difficult to eq/lain ill a natural nmnner. An intriguing parallel with certain pro- perties of t'mlog suggests a modificatiml to Discour~ Represenlation Thexn'y which allows a simple and coherent explanation of these, and related, sentences. The Probteln In English there is due type of sentence that has caused major problems for prac- tically all linguistic theories that have tried to explain it, and none of Ihe explana- tions put forward is very convincing. The sentences in question are those with cross'lag corcferenee, the so-called Bach-Peters-sentences. The standard exam- pies arc: l) "The htutter who shot al:, it hJl; the ]ion that chased him and, with cxpiicit quarldfier expressions: 2) Every man who wants ...