Paper: Chart Parsing According To The Slot And Filler Principle

ACL ID C88-1049
Title Chart Parsing According To The Slot And Filler Principle
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

A parser is an algorithm that assigns a structural description to a string according to a grammar. It follows from this defini- tion that there are three general issues in parser design: the structure to be assigned, the type of grammar, the recognition algo~ rithm. Common parsers employ phrase struc- ture descriptions, rule-based grammars, and derivation or transition oriented recogni- tion. The following choices result in a new parser: The structure to be assigned to the input is a dependency tree with lexical, morpho-syntactic and functional-syntactic information associated with each node and coded by complex categories which are sub- ject to unification. The grammar is lexica- lized, i.e. the syntactical relationships are stated as part of the lexical descrip- tions of the elements of ...