Paper: The PSI/PHI Architecture For Prosodic Parsing

ACL ID C88-1041
Title The PSI/PHI Architecture For Prosodic Parsing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

In this paper an architecture and an implementation for a linguistically based prosodic analyser is presented. The implementation is designed to handle typical prosodic input in the form of parallel input channels, and processes each input channel independently in a data-directed, phonologically motivated configuration of partly parallel, partly cascaded feature modules and module clusters, each implemented as finite transducers, producing intonationally relevant categories as output. The design criteria included maximal restriction of computational power (the system could be compiled into one massive finite transducer); relevance to computational linguistic formalisms with a view to developing an integrated model mapping prosodic structures on to textual structures; relatability to speech...