Paper: Augmented X'-Schemes

ACL ID C88-1027
Title Augmented X'-Schemes
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988
  • Neculai Curteanu (Research Institute for Computer Techniques and Informatics, Bucharest Romania)

The paper presents the embedding of an original parsing strategy for Romanian,call- ed Segmentation-Cohesion-Dependency (SCD), into Chomsk~'s well-known Government and Binding (BG) theory. In order to bring closer the SCD concepts and techniques to the GB theory, the following questions have had to be dealt with: (1) a specification of the Principle of Maximal Projection (PMP), (2) extending the X'-theory (X - bar) by introd- using Augmented X' (AX')-schemes, these ones being obtained by (3) specific constraints imposed on the new shapes of X'-schemes. (4) The AX'-schemes can be represented in terms of a tree (paranthetic) language, whose tran -slation in a logic progran~ing language fol -lows naturally.