Paper: English-Chinese Machine Translation System IMT/EC

ACL ID C88-1025
Title English-Chinese Machine Translation System IMT/EC
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

IM'I/EC is an English-Chinese machine translation system ~,hich integrates some outstanding features of the case grammar end semantic grammar lnto a uniform frame, LISeS various kuowledgo In the disamblguation, and tries to modify the object language by itself. In this poF,er,we first introduce IMT/EC's design motive- tiorl and overall architecture, then describe the deslgn philosophy of its translation mechanisms and thelr procesging algorithms. J,The design nlotivation ]'he design of the IMT/EC system are motivated to develop new approaches to the Engllsh-Chinese machine translation, such as, to provide the system with powerful analysis meohanisnls end MT knowledge base menagonlerit system, as well as some exceptional pro- cessing and learning meohanlsms, that is, to make the system ba i...