Paper: Unification And Transduction In Computational Phonology

ACL ID C88-1023
Title Unification And Transduction In Computational Phonology
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

ng the attributes of the model from the processing of the model. Below more emphasis will be placed on the representation domain as it is this whlch is most interesting for" discussion purposes. The actual implementation of the processing domain as a program is regarded, theoretically, as a secondary but by no m~ns a minor issue. Unification is a concept which has become common in linguistics in recent years due to the important role it plays in current syntactic theories such as FUG, LFG and GPSG. However, it has not as yet played an explicit part in phonological analysis. Below I propose that, by employing elementary unification mechanisms, assimilation and dis~imllation can be dea].h wlth in a most satisfactory way. The unification used in this connection is based on the functional desc...