Paper: Speech-Rate Variation And The Prediction Of Duration

ACL ID C88-1020
Title Speech-Rate Variation And The Prediction Of Duration
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

A comparison between the output fioin a set of duration rules based on Klatt '76 and measured durations in a text allows quantificati.on of speech rate at a local as well as a global level. The rules account for knowo correlates of duration change, such as Stl'e~s, phonetic and phrasal context, aud inherent differences in the durations of each segment, but make no allowan(e for local changes of rate within a text. The degree of fit of the OUtl~Ut from snch a system to the observed durations in tile text provides a guide both to the accuracy of Ille rule-set and to tile rate-related variation within that text. Statistic~l procedures can bc applied to reduce the rule-related error au, l thereby strengthen both the predictions of the rules and the quantification of the rate variation. This pa...