Paper: A Constructive View Of GPSG Or How To Make It Work

ACL ID C88-1017
Title A Constructive View Of GPSG Or How To Make It Work
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

Using the formalism of generalized phrase structure grammar (GF~SG) in an NL system (e.g. for machine translation (MT)) is promising since the modular structure of the formalism is very well suited to meet some particular needs of MT. However, it seems impossible to implement GPSG in its 1985 version straightforwardly. This would involve a vast overgeneration of structures as well as processes to filter out everything but the admissible tree(s). We therefore argue for a constructive version of GPSG where information is gathered in subsequent steps to produce syntactic structures. As a result, we consider it necessary to incorporate procedural aspects into the formalism in order to use it as a linguistic basis for NL parsing and generation. The paper discusses the major implications of such...