Paper: A Statistical Approach To Language Translation

ACL ID C88-1016
Title A Statistical Approach To Language Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

An approach to automatic translation is outlined that utilizes technklues of statistical inl'ormatiml extraction from large data bases. The method is based on the availability of pairs of large corresponding texts that are translations of each other. In our case, the iexts are in English and French. Fundamental to the technique is a complex glossary of correspondence of fixed locutions. The steps of the proposed translation process are: (1) Partition the source text into a set of fixed locutioris. (2) Use the glossary plus coutextual information to select tim corresponding set of fixed Ioctttions into a sequene forming the target sentence. (3) Arrange the words of the talget fixed locutions into a sequence forming the target sentence. We have developed stalistical techniques facilitating b...