Paper: Representation Trees And String-Tree Correspondences

ACL ID C88-1013
Title Representation Trees And String-Tree Correspondences
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1988
  • Christian Boitet (Institute of Information and Applied Mathematics Grenoble, Grenoble France; University of Grenoble 1, Grenoble France; CNRS, France)
  • Zaharin Yusoff (University of Science Malaysia, Penang Malaysia)

representation, usually a (decorated) tree, is not Straightforward. Ilowever, it is desirable to maintain it, for Example to build structured editors for tex ts wr 1 t t El/ i n nat urn 1 Ianguage. AS such ccr'resp)ndences must be compos 1 t iona], we ca ] I ~hem "Structured Strmg--lree Correspondences" (SSTC). We ~jrgue that a SSTC is m fact composed of two mterrelated correspondences, one between nodes and substr ings, and the other between subt tees and substrings, the substrings being possibly discontinuous in both cases. We then proceed to show how to define a SSTC witl~ a Structura! Correspondence Static Grammar (SCSG), and ~qich constraints to put on the rules of the SCSG to get a "natural" SSTC. Kev~d'~ : linguist ic dascr lpt ors, distort inuous consti tuents, discont imuous phras...