Paper: Discourse Anaphora And Parsing

ACL ID C86-1156
Title Discourse Anaphora And Parsing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

In this paper, we present a reformulation of the model which, unlike Kamp's, is specified deelaralively. lively. Moreover, it uses the same rule formalism for building both syntactic and semantic structures. The model has been implemented in an extension of PROLOG, and runs on a VAX 11/750 computer. The study of anaphora has been a central issue in both theoretical and computational linguistics. Studies of anaphora in theoretical linguistics usually concentrate on describing the constraints on sentence-internal anaphora (e.g. (Reinhart 1983)). However, recent work by Hans Kamp (Kamp 1981) suggests that it is possible to describe some important aspects of inter-sentential anaphora while still respecting the constraints of intra-sentential anaphora. In this paper we construct a model of anap...