Paper: Future Directions Of Machine Translation

ACL ID C86-1155
Title Future Directions Of Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

where, at the deeper levels, the descriptions of sentences of different individual ]anguages become closer and finally, at the deepest level (the level of understanding), converge. SL Text TL Text S c~:ic Str ....... ~SyntactJe Str. Seman~t ic 8tr.----/'~' m --~-* S~tic Sir. Contextual Str. Contextual Str. Unde rs rand ing Fig.].. A Naive Schematic Figure of Translation Which is often used but quite misleading This figure, however, is often misleading in that it suggests an interpretation where each level of the hierarchy may replace the shallower levels of description. This is to interpret the figure as showing that each ]eve] Jn the hierarchy can express in its own descriptive framework all aspects of the information conveyed by source sentences: once a description at the deeper ].evel i...