Paper: A Description Of The VESPRA Speech Processing System

ACL ID C86-1146
Title A Description Of The VESPRA Speech Processing System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986
  • Rolf Haberbeck (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris France; Electricity of France (EDF) Research Center, France; CNRS, France)

The VESPRA system is designed for the processing of chains of (not connected utterances of) wordforms. These strings of wordforms correspond to sentences except that they are not realised in connected speech. VESPRA means: Verarbeitung und Erkennung gesprochener Sprache (processing and recognition of speech). VESPRA will be used to control different types of machines by voice input (for instance: non critical control functions in cars and in trucks, voice box in digital telephone systems, text processing systems, different types of office work- stations). I. The VESPRA system consists of five components: I) the noise reduction unit; 2) the phonetic feature extraction and pattern recognition unit; 3) an ATN grammar, a dialog model and a model of the controlled machlne; 4) a machine control ...