Paper: The Role Of Phonology In Speech Processing

ACL ID C86-1143
Title The Role Of Phonology In Speech Processing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

It is important to realize that phonology since its beginnings aims at the extraction of the relevant information from the speech stream. The concept of distinctive vs. predictable and accidental features is a cornerstone for all phonological theories. To see how this could be relevant for a SPS, we have to look at the structure of such a system. 3. The structure of a speech processin s~_~s~e_m SPS analyze or synthesize speech in order to relate the speech signal to an utterance representation (text). The text could consist oi the orthographic form of words or some other form closer to the representation of words in a mental lexicon. It is common for advanced SPS, however, to define an intermediate representation between the raw signal and the text. This representation, a symbolic code for...