Paper: Generating A Coherent Text Describing A Traffic Scene

ACL ID C86-1134
Title Generating A Coherent Text Describing A Traffic Scene
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

If a system that embodies a reference semanl;ic for motion verbs and prepo- sitions is to generate a coherent text describing the recognized motions it needs it decision procedure ~,o select Ihe events. In NAOS event, selection is done by use of a specialization hierarchy of mellon verbs. The st.rat- egy of anticipated visualization is used tbr the selection of optional deep cases, qJhe system exhibits low-level strategies which are based on verbinherent, properties that allow the generation of a coherent descriptive I;ext. t I~troductlon This contribution focuses on the verbalization component of t;he NAOS system (the acronym stands for NAtural language descrip- tion of Object movements in a traffic Scene). NAOS is designed to explore the border area between computer vision and natural la...