Paper: Synthesizing Weather Forecasts From Formatted Data

ACL ID C86-1132
Title Synthesizing Weather Forecasts From Formatted Data
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

This paper describes a system (RAREAS) which synthesizes marine weather forecasts directly from formatted weather data. Such synthesis appem~ feasible in certain natural sublanguages with stereo- typed text structure. RAREAS draws on several kinds of linguistic and non-linguistic knowledge and mirrors a forecaster's apparent ten- dency to ascribe less precise temporal adverbs to more remote meteorological events. The approach can easily be adapted to syn- thesize bilingual or multMingual texts. 1. Natural Language Report Synthesis We use the term "natural language report synthesis" (NLRS) to describe the process of creating well-formed text which summarizes formatted data in a given domain using a style which mirrors the con- ventions of professional report writers for that domain. NLRS fo...