Paper: BUILDRS: An Implementation Of DR Theory And LFG

ACL ID C86-1127
Title BUILDRS: An Implementation Of DR Theory And LFG
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

Instead, they supply the properties that are to be filled in for P and Q. So, for instance, the translation for the predicate 'man' is the triple < ;Lx, 0, [man(x)]>. Again following Frey (1985), we shall call such triples predicative DRSs. We have a special translation for the main predicate of the sentence's f-structure; it is an ordered triple of the form <0.0. #fX. Y~>. X and Y are to be filled in eventually by the reference markers introduced by the specifiers in SUBJ and OBJ respectively. The translations of the entries in the f-structures are Ihen combined together by means of a process called conversion. Conversion is like the application of a ;L-abstract to an argument. Following the general path of the construction algorithm, we begin by introducing a partial DRS with the specifi...