Paper: Pragmatic Considerations In Man-Machine Discourse

ACL ID C86-1123
Title Pragmatic Considerations In Man-Machine Discourse
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

Of course, it is hopeless "to seek meaning in the physical properties of utterances and formal properties of language. However, the simple :[act is, that speech is merely noise until its potential meaning is appeciated by the cognitive activity of a hearer" (Harris/Begg/Upfold (]6)). There is a good example which shows that there are even cases in which you cannot decide whether you are talking about objects or words or abstract constructions. Sidner (24) introduced the notion of "~egni tlve cospecification" for the following example to show that some anaphors cannot be replaced by a literal antecedent in any previous sentence: "My neighbor has a monster Harley 1200 They are real ly huge but gas effJ cient bikes" Another good example for the non-uniqueness of vfsual perception: Conc]in and...