Paper: A Concept Of Derivation For LFG

ACL ID C86-1115
Title A Concept Of Derivation For LFG
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

In this paper a version of LFG will be developed, which has only one level of representation and is equivalent to the modified version of [2], presented in [3]. The structures of this mono- stratal version are f-structures, augmented by additional infor- mation about the derived symbols and their linear order. For these structures it is possible to define an adequate concept of direct derivability by which the derivation proeess becomes more efficient, as the f-description solution algorithm is directly simulated during the derivation of these structures, instead of being postponed. Apart from this it follows from tiffs redueability that LFG as a theory in its present form does not make use of the c-structure information that goes beyond the mere linear order of the derived symbols.