Paper: A New Predictive Analyzer Of English

ACL ID C86-1111
Title A New Predictive Analyzer Of English
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

Aspects of syntactic predictions made during the recognition of English sentences are investigated. We reinforce Kuno's origi- nal predictive analyzer[i] by introducing five types of predictions. For each type of prediction, we discuss and present its necessity, its description method, and recognition mechanism. We make use of three kinds of stacks whose behavior is specified by grammar rules in an extended version of Greibach normal form. We also investi- gate other factors that affect the predictive recognition process, i.e., preferences among syntactic ambiguities and necessary amount of lookahead. These factors as well as the proposed handling mechanisms of predictions are tested by analyzing two kinds of articles. In our experiment, more than seventy percent of sen- tences are recogni...