Paper: Functional Structures For Parsing Dependency Constraints

ACL ID C86-1109
Title Functional Structures For Parsing Dependency Constraints
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

departure from procedural description. Grammars for parsing have predominantly used generative rewrite rules. The ideological underpinning of parsing has been in the past that of the emulation of generative tllstories of configurations. The new formalisms express grammars as functional structures. We have defined a language DPL (Dependency Parsing Language) to meet the needs of parsing a highly inflectional, agglutinating language (Nelimarkka et al. , 1984). The language enforces dependency approach which accords better than phrase structure rules with the needs of non-configurational languages. DPL language and its compiler constitutes .just one component of a language-based environment we have implemented for the development of parsers (Lehtota et al. , 1985). In DPL, a grammar is compri...