Paper: Model For Lexical Knowledge Base

ACL ID C86-1107
Title Model For Lexical Knowledge Base
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

This paper describes a model for a lexical knowledge base (LKB). An LKB is a knowledge base management system (KBMS) which stores various kinds of dictionary knowledge in a uniform framework and provides multiple viewpoints to the stored knowledge. KBMSs for natural language knowledge will be fundamental components of knowledgeable environments where non-computer professionals can use various kinds of support tools for document preparation or translation. However, basic models for such KBMSs have not been established yet. Thus, we propose a model for an LKB focusing on dictionary knowledge such as that obtained from machine-readable dictionaries. When an LKB is given a key from a user, it accesses the stored knowledge associated with that key. In addition to conventional direct retrieval, ...