Paper: Lexical Database Design: The Shakespeare Dictionary Model

ACL ID C86-1104
Title Lexical Database Design: The Shakespeare Dictionary Model
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1986

notion in the sense that printed dictionaries and database systems need a lemma-name to refer to it. Language specific conventions usually govern the choice of a lemma-name. Latin verbs, for example, are customarily lemmatized using the first person singular present form as lamina-name. A [emma is the set of all its inflected word-forms. It thus comprises a complete inflectional paradigm. Some lemmata have defective paradigms or suppletive paradigms. Conventional dictionaries quite often include paradigmatic information in their front matter. The user has to relate specific cases to these examples. A database can relate these explicitly. A natural way to do this is by a one-to-many relationship between lemma and word-form. In an author dictionary word-forms will be further related to the t...